About Us

In 1988, a single act of kindness led to the creation of what we know as ISGF. Mrs. Micheline C. Hollaus, the founder of ISGF was successful in adopting a Thai child. Wanting to help other adoptive parents to unite with their respective Thai children, she became a liaison between the future parents and the Thai Adoption Board. Success only grew to inspire Mrs. Hollaus to continue her efforts and together with a group of volunteers they raised funds and became actively involved with the Phayathai Babies Home.

By 1990, Khunying Somsri Kantamala, the Director General of the Public Welfare Department (DPW) asked the volunteer group to extend its work to include other DPW projects throughout Thailand. With that, the International Support Group to the Department of Public Welfare was formed.

ISGF applied for registration as a Thai Charity foundation in 2000 and in 2003, it’s application was accepted and renamed as the International Support Group Foundation (ISGF).

Since its inception, ISGF has been committed to help alleviate the plight of the socially disadvantaged people of Thailand. Often, the DPW’s budget financially constrains their endeavors from fully developing. Every year, the ISGF makes a significant effort to fill this gap through wide range of charitable activities.

ISGF is a small, non-profit, non-paid, voluntary, charitable organization funded entirely by donations from local and overseas sponsors. With our handful of very dedicated volunteers we deliver the contributions and funds we raise directly to the deserving recipients.