Our Projects

ISGF members work together with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Thailand to organise and coordinate a diverse range of projects to help the underprivileged.   All donations received are ploughed into the various projects we manage.  All expenses related to volunteer work are borne by the members themselves, such as  transport and accommodation, when volunteering on project trips  around Thailand.  Be assured your donation goes directly to your project of choice.

The following is a list of existing projects undertaken by ISGF :

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  Background In 1990, two years following the establishment of the ISGF, the Education Scholarship Program was created.  Even though the organization was still in its incipient stages, its members were determined to embody the ISGF mission statement, ‘helping others help themselves’.  The Education Sponsorship Program has undoubtedly progressed to become one of our most …

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  The Wheelchair project was set up in 1991. The objective is to support the underprivileged physically disabled people in Thailand. All the recipients of the wheelchairs are people (young and elderly) born with birth defects or disabled trough accidents and illnesses. Having a wheelchair will improve their quality of life by giving them mobility …

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Pakkred Welfare – Physiotherapy – Healthcare

  Pakkred Welfare Homes This project was established in 2002 when ISGF took the responsibility of hiring one physiotherapist for the well being of the handicapped children for CCD** (Christian Care Foundation of Children with Disabilities) at the Pakkred Homes. The results were phenomenal and in view of the fact that the severely handicapped children …

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Community Support

The Community Support Project was initiated seven years ago. It began as the Rice Project when ISG’s sponsor Mr. Thomson Hug wished to help the elderly and needy families in the slum areas by donating rice each month and had requested ISG to undertake the supervision of the distributions. Khun Supattra Kaewchansilp and members/friends of ISGF …

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Dental Clinic

  The present Dental Project was initiated in 2000 by a combined effort of our members Annie Suwanvanichkij and Dr Amput Intaraprasong who realized importance of oral health for the children at Pakkred Welfare Homes. The previous dental clinic was operated by a French dentist who sent dentists from France to work there. However, it …

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