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Dental Clinic

Dental Project

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The present Dental Project was initiated in 2000 by a combined effort of our members Annie Suwanvanichkij and Dr Amput Intaraprasong who realized importance of oral health for the children at Pakkred Welfare Homes. The previous dental clinic was operated by a French dentist who sent dentists from France to work there. However, it was too expensive and the clinic was left vacant. With collaboration between Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Dentistry and Department of Social Development and Welfare, a Dental Service Program was formed to provide dental check-up and treatment for the children at Pakkred Welfare Homes which currently are housing 3000 children who are orphaned, disabled, mentally/physically handicapped, abused or mentally disturbed. With financial support from Thai Disabled Development Foundation to remodel the office and buy dentist equipment, Pakkred Dental Clinic was established. Dr Amput has been actively leading this project ever since. She made the clinic a study center for the University. The dentists who work at the center are graduate students and professors. It has been so successful that in 2010 Chulalongkorn University and DPW signed another 10-year contract. Since 2000 up until September of 2010, Pakkred Dental Clinic has treated 2529 patients. The dental services include preventive work, such as fluoride treatment, restorative work, such as fillings, and speciality work, such as root canal treatment. apart from dental service, the program also includes Ear Nose Throat (ENT) check -up and treatment by the Thai Rural Ear Nose and Throat Foundation. On treatment days, volunteers come to help with the organization and play with children while they are waiting for treatment.

The Dental Clinic is now run by cooperation among Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Social Development and Welfare, ISGF and sponsorship. You can help sponsor a child for Bht500 per year for dental and ENT program.