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Wheelchair Project

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The Wheelchair project was set up in 1991. The objective is to support the underprivileged physically disabled people in Thailand.

All the recipients of the wheelchairs are people (young and elderly) born with birth defects or disabled trough accidents and illnesses. Having a wheelchair will improve their quality of life by giving them mobility and freedom and will enable them to become more productive and independent.

After receiving proposed candidates from the Provinces, members of ISGF along with officers of the Thai with Disability Foundation visit and interview prospective recipients who may be chosen to receive a wheelchair.

The date of the wheelchair presentation is decided at the requested provinces. The ceremony usually takes place at the City hall of the Province and is presided over by the Governor, representatives of ISGF, sponsors and officers of the Thai with Disability Foundation.

Over the past years ISGF presented approximately 2.000 wheelchairs in different provinces all throughout the country and several hundred more people are still waiting to receive a wheelchair. Each wheelchair costs 5.000 baht, they come in two different models: a three wheeler for using on roads and a two wheeler for home use.

The statistic registration of physically disabled persons from November 1, 1984 to April 30, 2009 reported by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security is 402,339 persons. The Ministry’s budget is insufficient to support the growing number of disabled persons. Because of this shortfall ISGF is assisting the government by contributing its resources through the help of their sponsors.

At the end of each wheelchair presentation photos the recipients with the name of their sponsors inscribed on the back of the wheelchairs are taken and sent to the respective sponsors with a short report of the event.

The wheelchairs are made at Thai Wheel Factory by disabled workers, themselves confined to wheelchairs. ISGF is proud to give the work to Thai Wheel Factory as it allows employment to disabled workers.

The Wheelchair Project is sponsored by friends, organizations, companies from Thailand and overseas, as well as a long time foreign resident of Thailand who donates up to 20 wheelchairs per year and have done so for the past 17 years.

ISGF is very grateful to all the sponsors for their generous support in the past and in the future. This project would not be possible without them.