Garage Sale Raised Over Bht95,000

Our annual garage sale at the Ministry of Labour in August raised over Bht95,000. Thanks to Susan Hansen for succesfully organizing the event and to all volunteers both members and non-members for helping withpricing and selling of goods. The fund raised will be used for administrative expenses at ISGF.

Sponsor Thank You Party

On November 21, ISGF held a Sponsor Thank You luncheon at Polo Club to thank sponsors for all the support they have given throughout the years. This year also marks 25th anniversary of ISGF work. The party was a success as everyone enjoyed each other’s company. Members and sponsors got a chance to meet face …

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Student Interview in the North

A few members of ISGF went up north to interview scholarship students  and students applying for ISGF grant. It was a 3 day trip from July 8 – 10, visiting Chiang Mai, Payao and Chiangrai.  It was a worthwhile trip as members got a chance to know students personally and learn about their study progress as …

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Presentation of 22 Wheelchairs in Nakorn Pathom

On June 4th, ISGF members and wheelchair donors, presented 22 wheelchairs to recipients in Nakorn Pathom.    

ENT Day for Pakkred Children

On February 28th, Dr. Amput, an ISGF member, and a team of doctors from Chulalongkorn Hospital examined ear/nose/throat of over 500 children at Pakkred Home. Some of these children are disabled, either physically or mentally and do not get a chance to have their ears/nose/throat checked up on a regular basis. ISGF members and volunteers joined the event to help …

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Garage Sale Raised Record Amount

Our second-hand goods sale went very well this year. The charity event raised over Bt120,000 for ISGF, a record amount!

Wheelchair Presentation in Ratchaburi Went Successfully

On June 27, 2012, ISGF presented 15 donated wheel chairs to the Thai Disabled Foundation of Ratchaburi Province. Khun Pan, Dr. Boonchantra, Khun Kalaya, Khun Boonmee (donor), Mr. Kulachart (donor) , Mrs. Inge ( Dr. Boonchantra’s friend) were present at the event. Ratchaburi province is about 2 hours away from Bangkok. More details about the event …

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Welcome to ISGF !

The International Support Group Foundation (ISGF) is a non-profit, welfare group of International and Thai volunteers helping underprivileged people in Thailand to support themselves.  For more than 23 years ISGF has played a major part in the lives of a many disadvantaged people in Thailand.  Our main role is to raise and distribute funds to …

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